Thinkr Releases Disposable Pod for Transition Smokers

December 24th , 2019 Shenzhen, China – Thinkr, an innovative lifestyle products brand and alternative healthier smoking solutions, is thrilled to share with the world its new solution for smokers looking to transition to cleaner, vaping solutions or vapers who want a truer cigarette taste and feel without the complexity of a modern box mod. Electronic cigarettes have been the trend for nearly a decade and the vaping community has evolved over the years giving us multitudes of options from flavor, portability and ease of use. There is just an unlimited amount of freedom. The Thinkr Disposable features light, sleek body for easy carry and present a quite fruity flavor for a lengthy experience. Available in 5 flavors, enjoy a different flavor everyday with Thinkr Disposable.

A Better Experience

Whatever your reason is, whether trying it out for health reasons or just cutting back on cigarettes, the Thinkr Disposable offers a cleaner, healthier and more unique experience than larger, intricate box mods but still offer a nice selection of flavors bringing users freedom to choose. Thinkr has no tar and no burning leading to a reduction in harmful substances.

Elegant, Discreet, Advanced

Thinkr systems are designed with portability and comfort in mind. Easy to hold and comfortable in hand, the Thinkr systems feature a classic cigarette feel but made with aerospace-grade aluminum alloy with a great frosting finish for a premium feel. Pods are constructed with PCTG food-grade materials for maximum safety and the overall design is streamlined so there’s no bumps and everything lines up for a sleek feel.

Intuitive Design

Thinkr integrates intuitive design cues with its systems including hands-free, draw activation meaning the device just works once you puff. A LED indicator shows the status of the system. The Thinkr Disposable also features short-circuit protection as well as low/high resistance protection to reduce the risk of malfunctions during use.

The Thinkr Stick

For smokers looking to transition to a cleaner choice, the vape pods have introduced a more compact option and reduce the complexity of the vaping experience. Still, many have sought that classic filtered taste that many vapes don’t have. Thinkr developed the patent-pending Thinkr Stick to provide an authentic smoking experience without the burning for a cleaner and smoother hit everytime. The Thinkr Stick features a crafted food-grade filtering system infused with essence to simulate the filtered feel of cigarettes making it easy for new vapers to transition to the system.

Five Flavors to Choose From

The Thinkr Disposable is available in 5 flavors including watermelon, blueberry, lychee, mint and tobacco. Enjoy a different flavor every day or transition from classic tobacco or mint to more fruit flavor like watermelon. Enjoy the freedom of choice with Thinkr Disposables.

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About Thinkr

Thinkr is an alternative smoking solution backed by the Better Co. Ltd. Aimed aimed at providing, healthier, cleaner option for consumer goods with a focus in creativity and innovation. Thinkr aims at being an excellent product development to satisfy users. Check out more Thinkr products at